Tai Chi with Anne-Claire
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What / Who?

What areTai Chi and Qi Gong?
Tai Chi forms are traditional Chinese sequences of slow, fluid movements originating form the martial arts. These forms are used to balance, develop and circulate the body's vital energy (Chi).
Qi Gong are the Chinese exercises for health used to gradually integrate the Chi work and improve our core-stability by working with our Tantien, the body's physical and energetic centre.
Who does it benefit?
No previous experience nor particular level of fitness are needed to attend because our emphasis is on developing the Chi. Physical and energy levels benefits simply follow from regular practice.
The benefit to all is personal development at a pace controlled by and suited to the individual. It is therefore particularly suited to all those who seek a good body/mind balance. 
How can it benefit you?
  • Increasing  concentration and focus

  •  Improving co-ordination

  • Increasing core-stability

  • Relaxing the body and mind

  • Developing strength in the lower body 

  • Reducing stress and tensions

  • Managing anxiety

  • Supporting recovery from illness

  • Assisting balance and fall- prevention 

  • Enhancing  your  sense  of well-being and general health